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A few personal highlights from Aspen

The thing that I’ve always loved about a great comedy performance is that you leave feeling like you know the comedian a little more. I’m typically drawn towards comics that focus on autobiographical material, rather than setup/punch kinda stuff. I love when comics make you feel like they’re talking directly to you instead of an entire room full of people.

For me comedy is a very personal thing, so getting a chance to actually chat with a comic is always an amazing experience. Fortunately, being in Aspen for the festival provided me with an fantastic opportunity to chat and hang out with a ton of comedians that I love and respect.

For over two years now, I’ve been watching Dave Waite’s set on a weekly basis, and have enjoyed every minute of it. You learn a lot about a comic when you’re that familiar with their material, especially when you see it change and improve on a weekly basis. Getting a chance to actually chat with him (even though I was awkward throughout most of our conversations), was one of the biggest highlights of the trip.

Tyrone Hawkins is another comic that I’ve been a big big fan of for a few years, and it was great sharing a beer with him at the wrap party (he even bought me a Corona).

Lamar Williams wins the award for coolest guy in Aspen. Somehow we kept running into each other throughout the festival. I think we shared three meals together, and several wrap parties. Expect big things from this guy in the very near future.

Mike E. Winfield was another guy I got to hang out with quite bit. It’s always cool getting to meet local comics (Mike E. is in Sacramento, but comes down to San Francisco fairly often), and we even watched a late night brawl together in Aspen. Yikes!

As a whole, Aspen was absolutely amazing. There were so many other memorable performances and conversations I could never list them all in one post. For example, I found out Isaac Witty and I share a common love for Nick Swardson’s Smokin’ Weed video, which was awesome. He absolutely murdered the audience during his set, and that was my first time actually getting to see him live.

I’d just like to say to any of the comics that happen to stumble upon this post, I genuinely had so much fun meeting you and watching you perform. There wasn’t a single bad experience during the whole festival. Next year is going to be huge! Thanks guys.


Comment from Chase Roper
Time: June 5, 2008, 2:26 pm

Sounds like an awesome time. I hope to be able to get over there one of these years.

Comment from Andy Miller
Time: June 6, 2008, 6:46 pm

Oh man, that late night brawl that we saw with Mike E. Winfield was weird. I didnt know there was a Frat house in Aspen…….”Jared, Jared… you wanna go to jail tonight????!?!?!?!”