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There Will Be Trophies.

In addition to the National College Comedy Competition finals, the first ever Rooftop Awards were given out in Aspen this past weekend.

The Best of the Fest
Matt Braunger
Awarded by audience members to the single most entertaining comic performing at the Aspen RooftopComedy Festival.

Rooftop Comics’ Comic
Robert Hawkins
Rooftop comics honor one of their own. Awarded to one working comic each year who can consistently make other comics laugh. The nominees will be chosen by Rooftop’s 2500+ comedians, and the winner chosen by the comics in the Academy.

The Rooftop Golden Shingle
Tyrone Hawkins
The Golden Shingle is the Rooftop staff award that recognizes one rising stand-up comic on RooftopComedy who consistently delivers outstanding performances and from whom Rooftop anticipates additional great things to come.

The Roofie
Eddie Gossling
Nominated by Rooftop staff, the Roofie Award goes to one comedian who stands-out for all Academy members as an innovative performer and writer, who has crafted his or her unique voice, and has shown an overwhelming commitment to the stand-up comedy stage. Magicians and puppet guys are not eligible.

The Rooftop Rusty Nail
This award goes out to those up-and-coming comics toiling away at open mic shows at one of Rooftop’s partner clubs around the world. Rusty Nails deliver the laughs but deserve more attention and, damn it, more work. Rooftop partner clubs and Rooftop staff nominate candidates, who are then voted on by Rooftop staff.
Matt Bearden
Jonathan Pace
Tabari McCoy
TJ Young
Albert Im
Jeff Wesselschmidt
Tim Harmston
Andy Erikson

National College Comedy Competition: Stand Up Comic
Tim Ball

National College Comedy Competition: Short Film
Car phone by Dan Perrault

Best Club for Emerging Talent
Go Bananas in Cincinnati, OH
Awarded by Rooftop comics to that comedy club that best supports up-and-coming comedians, has a solid open mic, and doesn’t treat new, young comics like crap.

Best Club to Work
Go Bananas in Cincinnati, OH
Awarded by Rooftop comics to that comedy club that they like working more than others. Criteria: whatever makes them like that one the best.

Rooftop Clubs’ Comic of the Year
Auggie Smith
Rooftop partner clubs from around the world recognize a single comic who they have most enjoyed working with and watching perform over the past year.

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