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America, Your National College Comedy Competition Winners!

America, you can sleep soundly again. Three months and thirty-two schools later, culminating in a showdown at the Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival, two have emerged from the rubble of college stand-up comedy and short form film making to achieve the title of funniest college stand-up and short filmmaker in America. Not to mention the addition of fifteen hundred George Washington bills to their bank account.

Without further ado, America, it is my privilege to present to you, your winners for the first annual RooftopComedy National College Comedy Competition:

Tim Ball, Duke University (I should also mention that Tim Ball was the runner-up voted back into the competition)

Short Film:
Dan Perrault, Carphone, Emerson College

Congratulations to Tim and Dan, history has been made. Congratulations to our other stand-up and short film finalists as well, for making it this far, because it was no easy feat, by any stretch of the imagination. Check out the other finalists sets and short films, at our college page, why don’t you?