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Viva La Icescraper.

Today, we will be featuring one of our short film finalists, on our countdown to Aspen singularity. Mark Potts, who hails from the Himalayas, is better known as, ICESCRAPER.

Mark Potts

Where YOU when you heard the news that YOU were going to Aspen?
I was in my bedroom checking my email and planning to look at some photos of ladies in classy clothing when I saw that “Icescraper” was one of the four finalists in the college short film competition. I hit refresh, thinking it was an accident. I then spent about thirty minutes calling people and telling them and everyone had the same reaction: “Really? That one?”

Using internet democracy as a guide, did you have any real strategy for garnering the love of the internet to vote for you to get to Aspen?
– Simple: Molest the inbox of every one of my facebook friends for the length of the entire contest. It only took four days for someone to send me a really hateful message telling me to stop. Guess who isn’t friends with that person. Me, that’s right. Showed her.

How did a person like you (no offense) get into comedy?

– Bought it a few drinks and played my cards right.

If voted to be the winner of the NCCC, how will you use your newfound fame and power to benefit the world, if at all?
– If by benefiting the world, you mean “pay of my tens of thousands of dollars of debt and getting my parents off my back about my career choice,” the I guess winning would definitely benefit my world.

How have you been preparing for Aspen? Would you think its high altitude would present a challenge? Have you been trying to simulate high altitude standup comedy to prepare?
– I haven’t really been preparing yet. I did buy a fantastically cute set of boots that would give my butt just enough lift. And being overweight, I’m slightly worried about dying due to harder breather in high altitudes.

Without letting the proverbial cat out of the bag, what kind of cats do you have in the bag for Aspen? Metaphorical or literal.
– I’m a dog person, so I’m going to pack my awesome pug Gizmo in my carry-on.

What do you think Aspen in the summer time is like?

– Isn’t Aspen always like it is in “Dumb and Dumber?” No? Well then I have no clue.

What’s in your not necessarily, but probably iPod right now?

– “North American Scum” by LCD Soundsystem
“Mansard Roof” by Vampire Weekend
“Fergalicious,” by Fergie

Top 3 best and worst things that can happen to you at Aspen.
– Best things: get discovered, meet lots of great contacts and win an award.
Worst things: Syphilis. I think that’s as bad as one can get. Maybe death. Or touched by John McCain.

Lightning Round: First two words that come to mind when thinking of the following:
· Beer
· Aspen
· No Whammy

– Bea Arthur

Icescraper, one of the final four short films competing at the finals at Aspen for the National College Comedy Competition, below!