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Reid Faylor, in his own words.

We are officially two days out from the inaugural Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival, in well, Aspen, CO. I would like to take this time out to also remind faithful readers that not only addition to the comics we have coming up for the event, this will be the final showdown between the top four stand-up comedians and short filmmakers for our first ever National College Comedy Competition. To start charging up the Internet Hype Machine, Briana and me sent a questionnaire to our four finalists in the stand-up and short film categories. the first four who got back to us, made it here. And here the first questionnaire out of four!

Reid Faylor, from Xavier!

Where were YOU when you heard the news that YOU were going to Aspen?

I was studying for a genetics test in my common room and my roommate called
me into the bedroom. “They announced the names,” he said. Then I looked and
thought, “that’s odd, my name’s there.” Then I started giggling and
clapping. I was pretty excited. Then I called a decent amount of people
pretending not to have made it, then I would say “I made it.” I tricked a
lot of people, and I guess that didn’t really get old. Then I went back to

How did a person like you (no offense) get into comedy?

I’ve mostly been doing improv at Xavier with a group called Don’t Tell Anna.
That and I make a lot of comics that are mostly comedy related, mostly about
an anthropomorphic sausage that lives with my brother. I also probably to an
irritating extent try to make jokes with my friends, because I like it when
they giggle. I just tend towards the comedy, because it’s the sort of thing
that makes me happy. I feel like I should’ve responded to this question in a
funnier way. Farts? I don’t know.

Without letting the proverbial cat out of the bag, what kind of cats do
you have in the bag for Aspen? Metaphorical or literal.

Without letting the cat out of the bag? No. Nothing to do with cats. Dogs?
Yes. A lot of dogs. I’ve had to skim it down, but it seems like half my
jokes relate to dogs in some way. I don’t know why. I think I have a very
real and very serious problem. Pay attention during my set -dogs. I wonder
if I just secretly hate them or something. I don’t know.

What’s in your not necessarily, but probably iPod right now?

Neil Young. A lot of Neil Young. And Man Man. Neil Young and Man Man. And
other groups. But I just prefer to highlight the Neil Young. I mean damn.
He’s all “Old man, look at my life, I’m a lot like you.” And it’s just true
you know? We are like old people. Specific ones even.

Top 3 best and worst things that can happen to you at Aspen. And, go.

The best constitutes any of the following in any combination: Winning,
Continuing to not die, Neil Young.

The worst: Any combination of the following: not winning, dying, Neil Young
(only bad in combination with either).

I guess all I’m saying is that I don’t think Neil Young should die yet.
Sure, he’s all political now and that’s kinda annoying. But hey, I mean,
he’s pretty good.

Lightning Round: First two words that come to mind when thinking of the

· Beer: Bear, Deer
· Aspen: Colorado, then Colorado again
· No Whammy: NO WHAMMY.

For good measure, here is Reid’s game winning performance that got him to this point right now.