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Aisha Tyler

Aisha Taylor is headlining the Hilarities in Cleveland this weekend. Mike Lucas and I are filling in the Tuesday and Wednesday shows to entertain the people who don’t really care who’s on stage or can’t afford Aisha tickets. Some of Mike’s fans have confirmed as well.

Who is Aisha Taylor you ask? She hosted Talk Soup and, if you saw her, you’d realize you might have seen her before.

Mike told me today that she was preempted by a 2 page article in the Cleveland paper titled “Actress Comes Back to Comedy”. Described as “conversational humor” and “a storyteller” the editorial writes as if his job depends on it.

Now I am not here to rebuke her status as a comedian. I’m sure she’s hilarious. But you can’t have perfect skin and toned triceps and be considered a “real comedian”. At least not to me. Eat Taco Bell for two weeks and then take a good look at yourself.

“You need a nap.”

“What do you mean? I slept for close to 17 hours today. This is me after a nap.”

A lot of people tell me that just because someone is void of personal pain doesn’t mean they can’t be truly funny. I believe that. I also believe in aliens but, I have never met one of them either.


Comment from Matt Conty
Time: December 10, 2008, 1:21 pm

This really hurts. I guess what you’re saying is, I won’t ever be a “comedian” because of my flawless skin. It’s not my fault.