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Dylan Gadino Leads us Into 2009.

Dylan Gadino is the Guest Editor who will sheppard us into out of the wretched cesspool of 2008, and into the future that is 2009. Hopefully rocket boots are in this future. If not, you know who to blame for that.

But seriously, Dylan Gadino is the founder and editor of the Internet’s own, and as mentioned on this blog on more than one occasion, one of RooftopComedy’s BFFs, from covering our Aspen RooftopComedy Festival, to co-producing A Tight 5ive with us, I would be quite remiss if I neglected to say that Dylan and the fine folks at Punchline have done a lot for this humble site on the Internet.

And with that said, here’s an honest to God quote from The Dylan himself, with some kind words about RooftopComedy, and him leading himself off to his thoughts about his clips. Also, congrats on achieving the title of “Father” for the last month and couple of days, good sir.

One of the things I love about Rooftop is that very new comics share the same virtual pages as the well-established. This list is a nice cross-section of that dynamic.

Also! To all those in the NYC area, check out the Punchline produced Marc Maron show, Scorching the Earth! Buy the tickets here!

Cy Amundson – How to please your man
I think Cy’s one of the best young talents on Rooftop. It was hard to choose just one clip of his.

Jon Fisch – My kind of yoga
Short and sweet, and catches you by surprise.

Andy Erikson – Naked relief
What is it about Minnesota and talented, quirky comedians?

Ted Alexandro – Jesus was buff
By now, this is one of Ted’s classic bits. I’m glad Rooftop caught it for their collection.

Jonathan Pace – Cost effective plunger
This is just a well-written, well paced poop joke.

Paul Varghese – Hungover at church
I love Paul’s act-out in this bit.

Dan Cummins Wants You to You Have a New Year

So, it turns out that today is a holiday at Rooftop HQ. That’s okay, because now I get to share with you this great E-Card that the funny Dan Cummins made! Have a Thursday everybody!

Dan Cummins Wishes You A Happy Kwanzaa

Some of the Rooftop-ites are back in the office from various Christmas/holiday activities, and are nursing various holiday related mishaps, in preparation for the coup of 2008’s reign of terror as 2009 gets installed as the new leader of chronological year keeping. On that note, we hope that your last few days have been great, regardless of what you celebrate!

Although, we’re not out of the holiday woods yet, people. Sure, Christmas was last Thursday, and Hanukkah ends tonight, but ladies and gentlemen, we are in the THICK of Kwanzaa. We’re four days into Kwanzaa right now, and just to add a little bit of world view in your life, the fourth night of Kwanzaa represents Ujamaa, or Collective Economics.

On that note, Dan Cummins has made an E-Card for Kwanzaa. All of Kwanzaa.

elbow macaroni Presents: Open Mic Night with Colin! Episode 24

Click the thumbnail for the full-res version!
Click here for more elbow macaroni!

Silent Night, Deadly Night

I didn’t realize Christmas was on Thursday. Here’s my attempt to get into the Christmas spirit. This is a clip from the movie, Silent Night, Deadly Night 2. I think it’s relation to Christmas is in the name, Silent Night, which is a Christmas Carol about Jesus, whose love I may or may not be full of. Unlike doughnuts, which I am definitely full of.

With that said, I’m all Christmas’d out you guys. Bring on the self-wallowing and pity for the holidays!

Point/Counterpoint: Happy Hanukkah! vs Uuggghhhh

Ed. Note: As a holiday gift to all loyal reader of the RooftopBlog, Emily H herself has single handily brought back from the dead Point/Counterpoint (much like Lazarus). It’s probably going to be a one time thing though, so uh, don’t get comfortable. Regardless. Here’s Emily H, and her stomach.

Point: Happy Hanukkah!
by Emily Heller

Happy Hanukkah everybody! In honor of the season, I thought I’d share with you my latke recipe!

Now for those of you who don’t know, latkes (LOTT-kuhz) are a traditional type of potato pancake  eaten by Jewish people.  My dad taught me how to make them. While they are time intensive, they are delicious and totally worth it.

Get these things together: 6 potatoes, flour, 1 or 2 eggs, onions, oil, salt, pepper, apple sauce, sour cream.

The recipe is pretty simple – grate up a bunch of potatoes into a bowl. Try to pour out the extra moisture or pat it with a towel. Mix in some eggs, flour (Matzoh meal if you’re going to be traditional), salt, pepper, and grated onions. Garlic too, if you like. Make sure the onions are grated or chopped really fine so they don’t screw up the consistency of the batter. Mix by hand. It feels gross. Add in flour til it gets a nice consistency for making patties.

Meanwhile, heat up some vegetable oil in a pan until it’s real hot. You’ll know it’s ready when you drop a small piece of something in there and it immediately starts bubbling and crackling like crazy.

Grab a small handful of the mixture and smoosh it down into a patty. Then carefully drop it into the oil. Flip when golden brown. When it’s done, remove it from the oil and place on a paper towel or cheese cloth to absorb some of the extra oil. Serve with apple sauce and sour cream and it is so amazing.

Latkes are traditional for Hanukkah because it’s a celebration of when some people were locked in a temple or something and they had to make a small amount of oil last for eight days and it did and it was a miracle! So the oil that you cook the latkes in represents God’s love and miracles!

Normally my dad makes latkes on Christmas morning. But my parents are watching their weight this year, so I had to make myself as many latkes as I could handle this weekend. Making latkes for friends is good too because it gives you a chance to talk about the meaning of the holiday. Also, everyone loves latkes. Happy Hanukkah!

Emily’s stomach, you have the floor, after the jump.

elbow macaroni Presents: Open Mic Night with Colin! Episode 23

Click the thumbnail for the full-res version!
Click here for more elbow macaroni!

The New Clip Round-Up Doesn’t Have Any Shoping Done.

These new clips of the week won’t help you get any of your shopping done, but it might. And that’s all that matters right now, those glimmers of hope.

Well, if you could gift wrap these clips and give them to people, that’d be easier wouldn’t it?

Siskel & Negro – Episode 21

Centerfolds on the Road

This week on Centerfolds, we have a twofer of a twofer for all ogling eyes. JR Brow and Bob Biggerstaff exploring the wide open road of sensuality and American made motorcycles, together.